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Episode 127

Bone Alone


January 14th, 2020

36 mins 14 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Bone Alone is on trial! Is it delicious calcium based chew with a wonderful marrow filled core or is it just the scraps from the table with a few dregs of somebody elses wonderful meal still attached?

Not a delightful image for comparison this week but then it is the middle of January and we're allowed to be a little more negative than usual. :S

Bone Alone is not a humourously titiled porn parody it is in fact an homage to the Christmas Classic Home Alone but with dogs. Obviously this was Gav's Christmas film pick. The rest of the episode is filled with:

  • the usual banter;
  • witty and sarcastic one liners;
  • not so witty one-liners;
  • even less witty out and out bullying;
  • some xylophone playing;
  • a quiz; and
  • plenty of other exciting things to pleasure your listening holes.

This episode should have come out back in December, but we struggled to get together to record in the last week of December because we all underestimate just how incredibly difficult it can be to fit everything in between Christmas and New Year. Plus, when it's such a huge film like Bone Alone, you really don't want to just go through the motions.

We apologise from the bottom of our dog bowls about the irregular programming over the holiday period and we promise to be more organised in the future.. ;)

As ever many many thanks to everyone who hehlps us create the podcast particularly our wonderful graphic artist Winston Tsang (IG: @the_quirks) (even though we didn't send him anything to make for this one... he deserved a week off)

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